I help teams deliver software.

I’ve been crafting software for a few years, and I can provide technical expertise on multiple matter.

  • Designing and building a website to showcase your services or e-commerce products.
  • Prototyping an application that suits your needs without compromising on quality. It allows you to quickly have something to play with in order to validate your business idea.
  • Building a SaaS with fully fledge features like authentication, a design system, a payment workflow, among other importants features.

I bring a powerful network of talented people in various subjects like graphic design, video editing, or serious backend work, depending on your business use-case.

To discuss this further, you can reach out to me at hey@matthieuchabert.com.

Personal projects

  • CloudNews

    Built SaaS from scratch using Elixir


Freelance work

  • Phenix Digital

    Design and development of web / embedded software.