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I’m rebooting my maintenance software for sailors. I started a few months ago to build a native mobile app with Swift, but turns out it’s is quite hard to code and it takes a long time.

As I started my new job for Marko, I don’t have enough time at hand to continue with the app development because I’m not building it fast enough.

Yesterday I started from scratch with my favorite language and framework: Elixir and Phoenix.

I made more progress in an evening with Liveview than in a month of trials and errors with Swift, especially battling with Xcode.

One thing I’m not entirely sure is where to deploy the website. Render or Fly are easy solutions that I know well, but I’d love to dive into more complex deployment setup. Like renting a Hetzner server and deploying the app there, thus having more freedom to play around.

The former is convenient and would allow me to build the website faster. The latter is more fun and I’ll learn a bunch of things along the way.

I think I’ll choose the latter solution. Will I regret this and move back to a Render instance just like I did with Swift?

I’ll keep posted in the coming months.